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Nicole is an esteemed professional with an impressive tenure exceeding 15 years in adult coaching and facilitation, specializing in career development, personal branding, and resilience empowerment aimed at enhancing career success.

Nicole's expertise in career coaching shines through her insightful understanding of how personal branding can significantly influence one’s career path. Moreover, she champions individuals understanding the power of harnessing their brand and resilience as a key ingredients in professional development. Her adeptness extends to delivering instructor-led training, emphasizing adult learning theories, coaching, development, and the creation of impactful training programs. As an adjunct professor for 15 years, Nicole has imparted valuable professional skills to thousands of adult learners, demonstrating a profound commitment to ongoing personal and professional development.

Nicole holds a Master of Science in Psychology, specializing in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications. She is further credentialed with certifications in leadership training, SHRM-CP, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and is recognized as a certified practitioner by the American Society for Training & Development in coaching.

Nicole is a dynamic speaker, focusing on personal branding and resilience in the workplace for early-career professionals. Her engaging presentations draw from her extensive experience, offering attendees not only knowledge but also practical strategies for overcoming challenges and thriving in today's evolving workplace.

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